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Who we are  ?

Ashavari Performing Arts  is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 2017 by the Indian classical music lovers living in the San Francisco Silicon Valley in CA USA with a vision to promote and preserve Indian classical musical heritage, including Indian classical dance styles in the United States and to provide a platform for the musicians and the dancers who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of Indian Classical Music and Dance. We are very proud that Tabla Maestro Padmashri Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri serves as the artistic director of this organization and is instrumental behind   shaping the artistic vision, programming, and overall success of the organization. Panditji himself being a professional musician of highest calibre in the art of Tabla drumming, always encourages the team  to  uphold and maintain  the artistic integrity of the organization  by ensuring the quality  of the artistic productions  through rigorous standards and  evaluation. 

Our Mission

Ashavari's mission is to encourage and support the spirit of cultural excellence with a special emphasis on broad range of classical, traditional, and neo-classical Indian musical performances and dance concerts and workshops. The evolution of Indian music over thousands of years has engendered a rich variety of “schools” known as “gharanas”, each with its own unique approach to the musical idiom. Unfortunately, many of these gharanas are in danger of extinction, which will amount to an irreparable loss to human culture. Ashavari proposes to address this imbalance by working towads the promotion of Indian classical music, for the benefit of humanity, and especially, the younger generation. 
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